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Welcome to Go Native Fordham Career Event

Free Career Advice to Inspire Young Natives and Supporters

Are You or Someone You Know College Bound?

Meet knowledgeable professors who share great info!

Want Guidance from the Best First Nation Professionals?

Engage with successful people who started where you are

Who Needs financial assistance, tutoring, counseling?

Thousand$  in Funding is Being Offered!

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For more information to watch online live stream or to come to screening room in Manhattan

Talk with Those At Fordham with Interests Like Yours!

Getting to Fordham Screening Room in NYC

MTA - A, B, D, C, or #1 train to 59th Street - Walk North one Block to  60th Street, Walk West, One Block to Columbus and Left on 62nd Street. MTA

Screening Room Address

150 W 62nd St, Manhattan/Lincoln Center - Classroom 3-01

(917) 327-0228

Remember the Date and Time!

Sunday - Nov. 12

10:30 AM - Meet and Greet! 

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